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Drama school audition coaching - online.

I always tell my students that the old trope about becoming a professional actor is true: 'If you can think of any other career that you would be passionate about doing, go and do that; if you're serious about becoming an actor, then you're in the right place.'

Becoming an actor is not easy. Yes, it takes talent, but that's not enough. You need lifelong passion, discipline, perseverance, and - let's face it - some luck. Most critically, you need a secure technique underpinning everything you do.

Knowing where to start is half the battle. I know how intimidating it can be, trying to get past the drama school audition panel gatekeepers, from both a nervous young actor's and a drama school panellist's point of view.

The truth is, this is normal. Everyone feels that way. Going to drama school is within reach, and there are learnable skills that will give you a real leg up on the competition. I see the mistakes that are frequently made, and honestly, they're all avoidable. As a drama school panellist, I need to see your true potential shine through, and as an experienced teacher, I can help guide you to achieve exactly that.

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